June 2016

OHAUS Scales for laboratories added to our offer

  OHAUS company was founded in 1907 in New Jersey, United States and is a global leader in the design and manufacture of various types of scales for almost all types of applications (laboratories, industry, jewelry, education …) for more

New Technology sponsor of the conference “water and sewage systems”

New technology is one of the main sponsors of the XIII International Conference “water and wastewater systems,” which is held on the Olympic mountain Jahorina, Hotel Bistrica 23rd-24th May this year. LINK for the pdf

Held a one-day seminar in cooperation with the company OHAUS

16.05.2013. in the premises of Faculty of Food and Agriculture, Swiss company OHAUS and local distributor NEW TECHNOLOGY held a one-day expert seminar and exhibition of equipment on the topic: OHAUS Portfolio mass scales and benefits applications. The lecturer was