NIVELCO seminars

      Austrian company NIVELCO Messtechnik GmbH and local engineering partner and distributor NEW TECHNOLOGY d.o.o. SARAJEVO, are inviting you to a one-day professional seminar (and equipment display) with the topic „PRINCIPLES OF WORK AND THE USE OF MODERN INSTRUMENTATION FOR

Seminar, Opatija

        The right choice of equipment and measurement instrumentation can significantly increase the reliability, availability and profitability of technical systems to reduce maintenance costs and investments. The knowledge gained from this seminar will help in the selection

Signed contract with INTRA-AUTOMATION

We are pleased to announce that the company New Technology Ltd. Sarajevo has signed a distribution agreement of measurement and process equipment with the company INTRA-AUTOMATION GmbH  Grevenbroich Germany. Intra-Automation products are well known in more than 55 countries and

Hydro-Vacuum pumps for water and waste in our offer

Let us introduce you to the new project of the company New Technology. As always in the first place our customers, guided by this idea, along with a careful analysis and selection of potential systems, we added renowned Polish producers