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Austrian company NIVELCO Messtechnik GmbH and local engineering partner and distributor NEW TECHNOLOGY d.o.o. SARAJEVO, are inviting you to a one-day professional seminar (and equipment display) with the topic „PRINCIPLES OF WORK AND THE USE OF MODERN INSTRUMENTATION FOR LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF I pH“. Three seminars, in the following cities: Sarajevo (20.02), Tuzla (21.02.) i Banja Luka (23.02.) will be held.

Place and time of the seminar

Sarajevo Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, hall 1, Street Zmaja od Bosne bb(Campus of the University of Sarajevo-next to the American embassy) 20.02.2012.
Tuzla Solana d.d. Tuzla conference hall, Street Soli br.3 (across the new Robot stores) 21.02.2012.
Banja Luka Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka hall 1, first floor, Street Patre 5 23-02-2012.



09:00 -  10:00: Registration of participants, distribution of materials, visits to the exhibition

10:00 : Start of the lecture

10:00  -  11:00: Principles of work and applications of ultrasonic and pH transmitters

10:00  -  11:30: Break  ( open conversations, networking)

11:30  -  12:30: Principles of work and applications of maget-strick and radar transmitters

12:30  -  13:00: Snacks, networking,  exhibition display

13:00  -  13: 45: Automatization of meter systems

13:45  – …    : Discussions, exchange of experiences, Q&A


Seminar is free (no fee, snacks for all attendees)

Lecturer: Dipl.Ing.Damir Žibrat

Aim of the seminar:

To familiarize the students with the basic principles of work of the device for measuring pH levels and to facilitate the proper selection and proper use of instrumentation.

Who is this seminar intended for ?:

Technical managers, managers of the maintenance and maintainers, technical staff from the department of automation, department of technical investment, designers.
Seminar statement:

The proper selection and proper use of instrumentation to measure the level and pH measurements can significantly increase the reliability and availability of technical systems / systems and reduce investment costs. Understanding the basic principles of work and an understanding of the installation procedure is necessary for appropriate selection. The knowledge gained from this seminar will facilitate the proper selection of equipment and help in the organization of technical maintenance.

You can apply to the seminar over the mail: