New Technology at the IEEE conference MIPRO 2012

MIPRO 2012

As part of the 35th International Meeting on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO 2012) which was held on May 2012 in Opatija, Croatia, employees of New Technology Ltd. Sarajevo have introduced a new professional work titled

Disadvantages of methods for power indication during treadmill exercise for ergospirometry test“.

The work was presented by the first author of the paper, the service manager, Mr. Almir Badnjević,

MIPRO is accepted by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) groups, and thus also represents the largest and most powerful Association of Electrical Engineers around the world.

Paper abstract:

This paper will show basics and importance of ergospirometry. Parameters that affect the patient while running and walking will be shown together with principle for determining the Work Load during the test. The essence of the study and research was to analyze various formulas implemented for determining the power [W] on the basis of patient treadmill training during the ergospirometry performance test. Four types of calculation in methods of obtaining power (WorkLoad) measurement that are used in the majority of device manufacturers for ergospirometry were analyzed for the load during the ergospirometry test. It is shown that Jaeger formulas compared to ATS, Bruce and Modified ATS Formula, have the best results for different conditions of the experiment, and that they fit in the most testing conditions.This research has great importance for doctors that interpretate result of test, since using the best possible formula for determining Work Load is of critical importance and it can have influence on determining need for further tests that sometimes include invasive surgery. Paper also displays shortcomings of mentioned formulas and can be used as a reference when determining which formula is to be used for parameter calculation in a variety of situations